Hi, I'm Christian. I design for various things like mobile apps, web & cars.

Originally from the best coast, Vättern, Jönköping. Moved to the west coast for studying at Chalmers University in Göteborg. During my younger years, I thought that I would leave Sweden to find other more exciting places. But after traveling to many different countries, I feel the swedish way of “lagom” is actually pretty good.

When it comes to design I have always been intrigued by details. The details are what makes a design something special and enjoyable but most people wouldn’t even think about them. Just look at the subtle animations and purposeful UI when you unlock your iPhone. To me it’s very obvious that the designers have spent many hours perfecting this experience. That’s why it is hard for me to be proud of something that I know I haven’t iterated and tested.

What inspires me in design are things that I know I cannot create. These occurrences can drive me crazy, I continually ask myself “How is it done?” “Which software is used?” “Was this made in 3D or in After Effects?”. Maybe an odd perk, but I believe this is one of my best assets. When something is interesting and appealing to me I feel the urge to learn and figure out how it is done. Yes, I can get quite nerdy.

A cliché for many but important for me is that I believe in teamwork. During my first years of working, I thought competing with others would reward me. What it did for me in the end was making me blind to my own designs. Now I know, teams are there to give feedback and provide the fun of working. A team that enjoys working together will always be better than the lone wolf who tries to overachieve.