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I'm a Freelancing UI UX Designer, working from Göteborg, Sweden.

Frilans UI UX Designer

Customisable dashboard for power users.

The Challenge

Avanza is one of the biggest stock exchanges in Sweden. Many customers use their app as an easy way to access their current money&stocks status. The Avanza app is a prime example of where functions are added regularly in order to spark new interest in customers, but what I’ve seen as of late is that the UX has gotten too complex for the designers. I think the app is loosing the ground pillars of what a stock exchange app should be.
This is my interpretation of what could be done. I have not taken every single function into consideration and this is just one simple way to show the information I believe as a user myself are interested in. *To clarify, this is a case study, not affiliated with Avanza.
Frilans UX UI designer

The Design

This design view show the most basic information that users need. There is a graph, a list of stocks, daily profits&losses etc. The idea is that if the user is missing information that they need, they will be able to change what is shown inside the app. This is a very crucial part of the design and user tests need to be done in order to see what the majority of users want.

The branding, colors and other graphics were done with consideration of Avanzas current branding. I used a more modern typeface which is more rounded and gives an overall more pleasant feeling. The graphics are simple and clean to emphasise the importance of the numbers and texts.
Frilans UX UI designer

Designing exciting car interfaces.

The Background

Lynk & Co is a company owned by Chinese automotive company Geely Auto Group, one of the biggest automakers in the world. In 2010, Geely Auto bought the well-known car brand Volvo. I worked as a UI UX designer at Lynk & Co in Gothenburg from 2016 to 2021.

I started working with the first-generation cars in a small team, designing the infotainment system of the cars. My main responsibility was creating the UI for the driver display but I also did some UX for various screens. I have worked on Lynk&Co 01,02,03,05,06,09 cars.

The Challenge

Being a very young car brand it was a big challenge in creating graphics that would look and feel Lynk&Co. Many other car brands have existed for many decades and therefore have a solid design language that evolved over the years.

In the recent years we focused more on Lynk&Co as a brand and how we want to be percieved. This included looking at materials, patterns and colors used in the interior of the car and adapting the graphics to create a seamless design.

The pictures shown here are different car interiors with different generations of instrument clusters. Due to confidentiality these are marketing pictures which only show a small amount of my actual work. In the future I’ll have more things to show which I’m very excited about.

What I Learned

During my time at Lynk&Co I had a close collaboration with developers, engineers and other designers. I learnt a lot about understanding different stakeholders and designing with their constraints in mind. Working with cars can involve a lot of software and hardware limitations due to the rigorous testing that needs to be done. This also meant that I needed to have a lot of design reviews with developers to achieve something that is most importantly safe but also visually appealing.
During my last years at Lynk&Co I took more of a mentoring role. Being a mentor was a privilege as I got to work with talented designers and see them evolve. This is something that is almost more rewarding than creating great designs myself.

Frilans UI UX Designer

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